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Here in the United States, our Fellowship ministers to thousands of people beyond the reach of our church through Assemblies of God U.S. Missions.  Many of these ministries are among the most creative and resourceful in the world.  A few of these include ministries to specific language groups, military personnel, prisoners, and those with disabilities.  In order to reach young people, our Fellowship directs ministries to college students through Chi Alpha and reaches others who are caught in the web of substance abuse.  

Outside our borders, the church reaches out to literally millions of people through Assemblies of God World Missions.  Our fellowship now ministers in over 200 countries through the work of approximately 2,700 missionaries and associates.  Though the churches in those countries are established as sovereign and indigenous works, they are helped and supported through our missions efforts.  Today over 63 million people around the world are touched by the ministries and teachings of the Assemblies of God.  

Local/US Missions

The Tomb - Arnold, PA

World Missions

Joseph & Heidi Barrale - Chi Alpha

Doug & Caol Baldwin - Ecuador

Sam & Naomi Brelo - Belgium (retired)

Mark & Kim Gardner - Fiji

Duane Goodling - ThinkMissions

Terry & Ruthanne Hoggard - Europe

Mike & Tina Hook - Scotland

Pat & Brenda Mahar - Italy Mahar Mandate

Amber McCrerey - Missionary Associate - Yangtze-Pearl River Deltas

David & Lauren Perdan - Ministry to the Deaf/Hearing Impaired of Tsukuba, Japan Perdans to Japan

Richard & Lori Wislocky - Southeast Europe

Jeff & Jess Zito - Haifa, Isreal

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